best horde mage race

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There are a number of races Horde side that can be mages...but which ones are the best? Determining the best Horde mage race can be difficult without experience or a ... best horde mage race So I am wanting to make a mage but can't decide the race for horde. Help Please! best horde mage race Trying to figure out which race to go with for your mage, either when you roll your new one or race change in the near future? Have you decided looks aren't a big ... best horde mage race Best Answer: Pvp - Will of forsaken - Undead Pve - Troll. My humble opinion - dont roll a mage. :) ... Troll males have the best casting animation imo. What you ... best horde mage race Hey, I just came back to the game after leaving it after the birth of my daughter ( ;D ), and now that I am back I have decided to faction change to horde. I was ... best horde mage race I'm new to the game, and am wanting to switch my mage over to Horde, but I wanted to know the best race to switch to. best horde mage race A Few Guides to Priest Healing in Cataclysm; Cataclysm Questions and Answers - April 2011; The Priest BiS (Best In Slot) Gear Listings; Cataclysm Priest 85 Shadow ... best horde mage race Which is best for pvp and raid? (I'm pretty sure they're the same but when i type in PvP it only shows BG) Warlock or mage? I like warlocks but i don't like best horde mage race Online MMORPG Games ... So you’re getting ready to roll a mage, or maybe you’re just considering a race change. best horde mage race best horde mage race Hqgj Rmyk Rfxl Pqhd Kwiu

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